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A leading provider of comprehensive water/wastewater services towards sustainable development

A reliable provider of solutions of  water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment and environmental technology

VESA (Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Co.Ltd) was founded under a business registration license No. 0102973777 issued by the Vietnam Planning and Investment Department on October 14th, 2008.

VESA vision and strategy was developed based on the research strengths of professors, and experts specialized in water/wastewater treatment and environmental protection sector.

Furthermore, VESA is the sole agent of USA Zoeller Pump Corporation products including submersible pumps and domestic drainage equipment in Vietnam.

VESA is located at No. 168 Nguyen Tuan street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi city of Vietnam. VESA has a team of highly experienced managers, and consultancy experts in the field of environmental technology and management. On engineered projects, VESA has a team of young, creative and professional design engineers on staff to insure the right design for your application.

VESA has a 1000 square meter warehouse factory which producing water supply/drainage equipment, machining, automatic equipment and composite products to meet the needs of our customers.

VESA supplies customers with high - quality products which the most popular are wastewaste treatment tank, flotation tank, oil trap tank, grease traps, pumps, membrane bio-reator and others for the agricultural, municipal, residential and industrial-commercial markets.

VESA builds a knowledgeable customer service and operations team. Our standard products can ship quickly with off-the-shelf components to meet your customer.


1) Innovative wastewater treatment technologies

    Distributed wastewater treatment technologies which originated from the United States  involve specialized equipment and processes of technology - physics - chemistry - biology;

    Prefabricated wastewater treatment tanks by composite or reinforced concrete;

    Small and medium scale wastewater treatment systems.

2) Be the sole agent of USA Zoeller Pump Corporation products consist of submersible pumps and QuikJon domestic drainage equipment in Vietnam.

3) Supply of systems products of water sector, mechanics, energy, environment and engineering

   Water filter, micro filter material or substrate, drainage pipes, locks, relays, one-way valves, distribution box, float valve, whistle, signal lights, control panel, and others;

    Treatment systems for water/ wastewater residential and industry, and pure water;

   Supply of equipment and accessories, installation, operation instructions, repair and maintenance of systems, works and equipment of water supply, drainage and water/wastewater treatment.

4) Consultancy:

    Design and estimation of  water supply, drainage and environmental pollution treatment works, preparation of bidding documents and selection of contractors, consultancy for elaboration and verification of reports of construction investment projects and works on water supply and drainage, environmental pollution treatment, civil/industrial engineering and others;

  Consultancy for preparation of reports on strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment; survey and evaluation for socio-economic development and scientific-technological development; environmental planning and technical infrastructure planning for urban, industrial and rural areas.

5) Research, application, training and technology transfer:

   Water and wastewater treatment, environmental pollution control, water supply and drainage management, renewable energy, environmental management, monitoring and analysis of environmental quality.


    Hospitals, clinics, medical centers;

   Markets, trade centers, tourist-entertainment destinations, restaurants, hotels, collective kitchens, offices, dormitories etc.;

   Urban, residential and rural areas;

   Seafood processing facilities, animal feeds, poultry, slaughter houses and farms;

   Food, beer and wine processing factory; agricultural products, food processing, handicrafts and craft villages;

    Industrial parks, export processing zones, factories and buildings in industrial zones.


We always look forward to expanding cooperation with many domestic and foreign partners in the field of water supply, drainage and environmental technology, including enterprises, organizations and individuals at central and local levels, research and training institutions, leading experts ... to maximize the synergy, for the sustainable development of each individual, enterprise, and the whole country.