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Taiwan Zoeller’s representatives visited and worked at VESA

Mr. Benson Chuang who is a business representative of Taiwan Zoeller Group visited and worked at VESA office on the morning of June 29, 2017. This is an annual meeting, to maintain and promote the cooperation between the two sides.

Zoeller - a large United States Pump Corporation, specializing in the manufacture of waste water pumps, mud pumps and accessories, used in dispersed sewage and wastewater treatment systems, small capacity, and households. Currently, Zoeller's products have been distributed in many countries around the world and have started to have a foothold in the Vietnamese market. In the US, Zoeller accounts for more than 30% of the market share of small-scale waste water pumps.

At the reception, both sides affirmed that they would continue their efforts to develop long-term, constructive and mutually beneficial partnership. Mr. Benson introduced new sewage pumps, designed specifically for the Vietnamese market, with technological superiority. He visited an operating plant that using Zoeller pumps on the afternoon of that day.

Some photos of the meeting are below:

IMG 20170727 104022

 Photo 1: Mr. Benson and VESA’s representatives were taken souvenir photos

IMG 20170727 104033

 Photo 2: Mr. Benson were discussing with VESA CEO and Chief of Technical Department


VESA Business Department.