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VESA has just become an official distributor of Australian Go2zone water filter machine

Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Company Limited (VESA) was pleased to welcome the working group including managers and CEOs, from Healthy Land and Water, Brisbane, Australia to visit and work at 168 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City on Jan 01, 2018. At the meeting, the two sides met intimately, discussed their mutual wishes and aspirations, and set concrete steps for each stage.

Accordingly, VESA will become the official distributor of Go2zone water filter machine; Support the necessary administrative procedures to help Go2zone penetrate the Vietnamese market; Understand customer needs and tastes as well as advise on sales, after-sales and warranty policies, etc.

More information about the Go2zone

Go2zone - a new and modern way to drink drink free filtered chilled water on-the-go.

Go2zone is a clean and quality drinking water machine that using the latest Australian technology and attracts consumers through the ads displayed on the screen. Go2zone is currently patented in Australia. The initiative has been tested and applied in Australia for the past two years.

Currently there are available in 03 versions: Premium, Classic and Junior. All three versions are equipped with water hose suitable for the height of adults and children and allow printing company logo on the machine. Premium and Classic Edition has a digital display that allows the advertising with high quality audio and video, Wi-Fi Free, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Junior Edition has the advantage of compact, low maintenance costs.

Long-term benefits of the Go2zone initiative

Benefits to the environment

Reduce the consumption and use of disposable plastic waste by providing the community with free drinking water.

Contribute to changing consumer behavior by encouraging the community to drink water and use recyclable bottles, which are 100 times cheaper than buying one-time bottled water.

Increasing corporate social responsibility

Go2zone provides businesses and organizations the opportunity to generate revenue from advertising and promote corporate social responsibility through providing safe and free drinking water to the community. This reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles into the environment.

Go2zone is currently in the process of completing necessary procedures to supply and install in Vietnam market. The goal of the Go2zone Vietnam team is to enable Go2zone machines to be widely used in public spaces, hospitals and schools.

For further information, please contact: Vietnam Water and Sanitation Company Limited (VESA), 168 Nguyen Tuan Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

HOTLINE: (+84) 904.571.488

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