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VESA leaders visited and worked in Japan

The VESA Company’s Director Board comprised of the Director and the Managing Director who had a business trip to Japan to explore new directions in the production and business of the Company from April 25th to May 6th, 2017.

During those days, they attended seminars on innovative wastewater treatment technologies in Japan; Working with the Board of Directors of NIKKO Group - a group specialized in the production of environmental equipment and prefabricated waste water treatment tank; Visit the factory and the successful application of treatment technologies of NIKKO in some provinces, ...

The trip is an opportunity to learn knowledge, practical experience, and effective management models in the field of waste water treatment and environmental protection. In addition, this is also a cultural exchange, linking close relations, creating the premise for long-term bilateral cooperation between VESA and NIKKO Corporation in the future.

 Some photos of the trip below:







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