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Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR)

    "Membrane bio-reactor (MBR)" are name for tank immersion type larger capacity filtration modules using the mambrane filter. Immersion Type Modules can provide stable treatment water removed of bacteria particulates by separating solids from aqueous solution using precision filtration membrane with immersed in a water. 

Immersion membrane separation procedure

Immersion type module, immersed in a water tank, perform filtration by suction or gravity. Long -term operation is possble in high - concentration waste water as suspended particles form a dynamic filtration layer on the membrane surface, and clogging of the membrane is prevented by  aeration rinsing of the membrane from below the tank.




  • Space saving     

          - No sedimentation pond and a filtration machine

     - High-load operation is permitted

     - Membrane volume effciency is high

        ·       Energy saving

- Element structure developed independently makes membrane saparation possible at low pressure

- Filtration by suction or gravity reduces running cost.

        ·       Simple maintenace and control

   - Use of the precision filtration membrane provides stable water quality

    - Memrane surface is washed by aeration washing to maintain the rated filtration performance for an extended periond of time.

        ·       High concentration operation is prossible

  - Higher concentration operation is possible than hollow fiber mambrane

    - Concentrate the sludge is possible

1-yuasaMembrane element 


  • Treatment of living waste water such as combined purification
  • Treatment of waste water from foodstuff production
  • Treatment of waste water from zootechnical industry
  • Treatment of waste water from semiconductor industry
  • Water purification process

Membrane module



      Specifications for membrane modules and membrane elements

Thong-so-kt-tieng-anh02                                                                                   06

*Element: For use in TC10A5.  *Treatment water amount may vary depending on operating conditions

                                              * Outline dimensions are subject to change without notice

 Membrane module structure


 Flow sheet of waste water treatment of slicon dicing