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Flotation tank


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 DAF Process

 Dissolved Air Flotation is a liquid/soild or liquid/liquid separation process. It can be used to remove fine    suspended solids with density similar to water, colloid and oil & grease ect

 Removal is achieved by dissolving air (in high pressure) in the form of tiny bubbles (10 -100 μm) in the  wastewater. The micro bubbles adhere to suspended matter causing the suspended matter to fload to the  surface of the water and form a froth layer which is then removed by a skimmer. The froth – free water exits  the flotation tank as the clarified effluent from the DAF unit

 DAF Application

     -  Fine suspended matter, alga and micro separation ( such as landscape water treatment, river clarifying and      enhandced treatment)

     -  Suspended solids and oil & grease separation and recovery ( such as petroleum wastewater, biodie – sel and restaurant wastewater)

     -  High concentration organic wastewater pretreatment ( such as chemical, pharmacy wastewater)

     -  Outlet wastewater from biological tanks ( replacing sencondary clarifier). Outlet wastewater from the Fenton  process and active sludge thickening

     -  Paper & pulp, printing & dyeing , leather, fermentation, food wastewater treatment

     -  Aquaculture, slaughter wastewater treatment

     -  Spray, electroplating wastewater treatment and heavy metals recovery

SDAF: High – Efficiency sedimentation & dissolved Air Flotation Unit – An Ideal Combination Of Air Flotation And Sedimentation

Core Technology

     -  Hypo –surface capture technology

     -  Laminar flow technology in separation zone

     -  Lamella sedimentation technology

     -  Micro bubble generation technology

     -  Counter current mechanism

     -  Froth circulation and flocculation technology


     -  An excellent combination of sedimentation and air floctation

     -  Powerful and compact with a significantly smaller footprint, highly efficient with hydraulic load 8 – 30 m3/m2. Hr

     -  High solid load and maximum allowable SS concentration is about 1000 mg/l

     -  Very low operation cost and saving 15 – 30 % chemical dosage comparing with conventional DAF system

     -   Excellent outlet wastewater quality and automatic sludge discharge, solid content of sludge is about 30 -100  g/l