The direct and indirect discharge of oily wastewater contaminated with mineral oil e.g. petrol, diesel, motor oil, fuel oil, etc… into our natural water courses can cause pollution with disastrous impact. The problem is also exacerbated by rapid urbanisation which causes increasing surface run-off from paved areas.

The solution is to trap the oil pollution at source with proper devices such as the Saint Dizier oil interceptors. The Saint Dizier oil interceptors also incorporate a sludge compartment and provide a very effective means of separating oil from the drainage system.

To-date, the Saint Dizier Oil interceptors have been installed in well over thousands of sites servicing many diffrent types of facilities worldwide. The invailuable experience gained is now beneficially employed to provide the best solution suited to our local conditions. In this context, Bioclear Sdn Bhd now offers design assistance as well as supply, installation, commissioning and aftersales maintenance services for your projects.


The Saint Dizier Oil interceptors are available in standard production units with flow capacities of 1.5 l/s, 3 l/s, 6 l/s, 10 l/s and 15 l/s. On the other hand, the customized units can handle flow capacities of up to 1500 l/s. Units for both in-ground and above-ground installations are available.


Saint Dizier Oil Interceptors have been proven to perform in thousands of installation worldwide for applications such as the following:

  • Services & Repair Vehicle Workshops
  • Vehicle & Locomotive Depots
  • Carwash Stations
  • Petrol stations
  • Carparks
  • Tank Farms
  • Airports
  • Power Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • District Cooling & Heating Plants


Saint Dizier Oil Interceptors are ideal for applications to separate free hydrocarbons, or for use with weak emulsions. These interceptors have been produced in accordance with EN858, which is a widely used European Standard. The specification relates specifically to result of the interception of oil from a mixture of water at a temperature of 20oC and 0.5% hydrocarbons with a density of 0.85 g/cm3


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