Package construction of a wastewater treatment station (domestic, hospital, industrial, …) including construction of wastewater treatment tanks, supply and installation of equipment and materials.

Our company will execute the installation of a wastewater treatment system with equipment supplied by the investor or VESA, microbiological culture, stable system operation, sampling for analysis. When the system operates stably, VESA will invite the competent authorities to come down to inspect, take test samples and issue operation licenses.

The construction team has a long experience, professional engineers ensure the important elements in the construction.

Officials and employees involved in the construction of works strictly follow the company’s rules and regulations, especially labor safety, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, environmental sanitation.

Personnel organization chart at the scene

Construction organization process

  1. Construction preparation
  • Prepare the ground, shield and sign;
  • Prepare electricity and water for construction;
  • Set up a protective barrier to preserve gathered equipment and materials before use;
  • Information service equipment;
  • Environmental sanitation;
  • Arranging total construction ground;
  • Prepare equipment, materials and manpower.
  1. System construction
  2. Install the system
  3. Check, operate
  4. Training and technology transfer

With the motto: “The health and life of workers are invaluable assets of themselves, their families and society. Therefore, labor safety is a top priority of VESA company. Always obey the rules and regulations on labor safety: Construction site, Working principle on high, Safety principle on scaffolding, Safety principle on electricity, …