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VESA is always confident to follow closely with customers during the exploitation of the project and equipment with proven technology and good quality equipment.

VESA's wastewater treatment systems are selected for development, taking into account the climate, soil, operation and exploitation conditions in Vietnam. Specifically:

- Environmental conditions: extreme, hot, humid, large temperature difference;

- Working conditions for different types of wastewater;

- Technology and equipment as simple as possible, but still meet the technical requirements;

- Highly flexible technology be able to work with a variety of operating modes, be suitable for types of wastewater collection systems, wastewater input characteristics, cleaning requirements and financial capacity etc.

- The project can be developed in phases, so the fluctuations of input wastewater in flow, composition and properties are significant.

We are committed to fulfilling the responsibility of guaranteeing our products, with the best quality and in the shortest time.

VESA provides the following maintenance services after the warranty period:

- Maintenance services for VESA water sector equipment including pumps, pipe fittings, control devices, measuring devices.

- Setting services of optimal operating mode for wastewater treatment plants, ensuring the output water quality and low management costs.

- Services of consultancy, equipment supply, construction, renovation and upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plants.

- Services of consulting, designing, installing and transferring wastewater treatment technologies for different subjects.

- Services of training, guidance on operation, maintenance of water supply and drainage systems, wastewater collection and treatment, certificates included.

- Services of monitoring and analyzing water quality, sediment, air and other environmental components.

We always look forward to returning to visit the works and equipment installed by VESA and feeling the peace of mind of our customers.