Technological scheme

Figure 1: Technological scheme

Technology description:

– The source water will be treated by sedimentation work to settle the large scale particles, then filtered in by a gravity filtration system to remove small particles, eventually added. Additional disinfectant chemicals to disinfect bacteria.

– Open gravity filter tank is built of reinforced concrete, the filter tank has a water distribution system and the wash is filtered by filter bed. Filter tank can have 02 or 01 filter compartment. The height of the water layer on the filter sand surface is 1.2 m or more; filtration speed from 6-10 m / h.

Figure 2: A type of gravity filter tank.

1.Rawwaterpipe; 2- Drilling system to distribute washing water and collecting filtered water; 3-Piping filtered water to clean water tanks; 4-Drain hose to filter; 5-Trough distributing raw water and collecting washing water; 6-Piping clean water into the filter tank cleaning; 7-Ditch draining water; 8 Ditch concentrate the wash water; 9-Wind duct and distribution system.


– Simple handling system.

– Suitable for treatment systems with a large capacity of thousands of m3 of water / day.

– Low investment costs.


– Plan of using construction treatment tanks; The device assembly should be stable when operating is not high, labor-intensive operation,

– It is a traditional water treatment method so it takes a lot of area,

– Not suitable for systems with small capacity,

– Using an open filter tank, there should be the phenomenon of algae, moss, insect corpse formation in the filter tank affecting the quality of water treatment.

Scope of application:

– This water treatment method is suitable for factories with large capacity of thousands of m3 / day with low quality of treated water.