Waste water flowing into wastewater treatment stations comes from hospital activities:

  • Wastewater from toilets from rooms. (including Black water is the wastewater generated from latrines, urine; Gray water is the wastewater generated from washbasins, bathtubs) This wastewater flows into septic tanks on either side of the building, then flows into the regulating tank wastewater.
  • Kitchen waste water, greasy. This effluent flows into the fat separation tank, then flows to the regulating tank.
  • The radioactive waste water flows into the decomposition tank. Then flow to the conditioning tank.

Technology proposal

Option: MBR technology

Aerobic technology combined with MBR filter is one of the most advanced technology options. The compartments in MBR aerobic assembly also include treatment compartments such as air conditioners, anoxic, aerobic and mud composting. However, the settling chamber was replaced by the MBR filter housing.

Technology diagram of wastewater treatment system using MBR technology.

Description of work items

  • Bar screen: Blocking garbage, protecting pumps and filters
  • Air tanks: Receiving wastewater, regulating the flow of wastewater. At the regulating tank, there is a pump system to regulate the flow operating according to the signal of the float indicator. To separate floating scum in the tank, 01 pump barrel is installed to ensure separation of the sewage pump and floating scum, creating conditions for the pump to work properly.
  • Anaerobic tanks:Decomposes organic matter, transforming organic materials from persistent forms into more readily biodegradable substances. Create good conditions for the rear biological works.
  • Anoxic biological tanks:Comprehensive treatment of pollutants containing nitrogen and phosphorus. Here, the process of reducing NO3 to N2 gas takes place in anaerobic environment, NO3 plays the role of accepting Electron. Bacteria collect energy for growth from converting NO3 to N2.
  • Aeration tank:It is responsible for thoroughly treating organic substances, ammonium nitrification, removing part of pathogens in wastewater. Fine foam gas distribution system is installed under treatment tank to increase the efficiency of dispersing oxygen into water. This amount of oxygen is responsible for direct oxidation of organic matter, the remaining part of oxygen is responsible for mixing the activated sludge with water.
  • MBR tank: The MBR filter module is responsible for separating sludge, and bacteria in the wastewater, maintaining the mud concentration in the building, ensuring the quality of water after treatment.
  • Sludge storage tank:: Storage and handling of sludge generated in the treatment facilities. Treatment method is stabilizing sludge by aerobic method, minimizing odor generation.