Installed Qwik Jon at the 5th Milk Flower Villa, Vinhomes Riverside Urban Area, Long Bien District, Hanoi City

The special customer in this our work trip is the owner of a duplex villa, located on Milk Flower Street, 5th Milk Flower Villa, Vinhomes Riverside Urban Area, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

It is known that this place is considered one of the most luxurious villa sub-areas of the Vinhomes Riverside project. This place is planned and built as a riverside resort paradise, with a European, modern and luxurious design that is in harmony with the natural landscape. Surrounding the villa area is a poetic winding river. With an average area of ​​200-300m², combined with a 5-star entertainment service system such as sports area, shopping mall, outdoor barbecue garden, … making this place become a miniature paradise, a high-class residence of the capital’s elite.

Our team today consists of engineers and workers to install 04 sets of Qwik Jon products for the basement of the villa. Included in it are the Qwik Jon Ultima 202 code imported entirely from the US and the Qwik Jon Choice 200 code. These are all best-selling product codes, operating extremely efficiently and durable.

Our installation this time was a bit difficult because the tunnel height was too low, only 60-64cm. However, we completed the job quickly with practical experience and professional skills. We have checked the standard operating quality and handed over, detailed instructions to customers.

We would like to thank you for your trust and look forward to your long-term support. Adding value to you has always been our goal.

For any inquiries and product orders, please contact us. Customer Service Department. Person on duty: Ms Nhung – Hotline 0904 571 488.

Best Regards./.