MBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor has a round shape, the inside has a honeycomb-like structure, the surface has many wrinkles that increase the surface contact area. MBBR is an acronym for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, so to speak, core processing.

MBBR is made of HDPE which is lighter than water. When poured into the tank, the substrate particles are constantly moving in the biological tank thanks to the stirring process of the deflector or the gas distribution system placed at the bottom of the tank.


The technology using MBBR optimizes the processing efficiency of polluted components, processes with high flow, high pollutant load, and especially well handles Nitrogen and Phosphorus in water.

With many types of microbial media of various sizes, VESA is ready to meet the needs of customers with the quality of products and services:

– Provide fixed MBBR for wastewater treatment …

– Consulting installation and use fixed MBBR for customer



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