Technology of manufacturing wastewater treatment

Bar Screen -> Conditioning tank -> pH adjustment tank -> Mixing tank -> Reaction tank -> Sedimentation tank -> Post-settling water tank -> Pressure filtration tank -> Mud compressing tank

Description of work items:

  • Bar screen: Waste water after being collected by pipeline system will be mechanically treated by trash box system. Garbage box has the task of separating the mixed waste in sewage, to protect the pump as well as the rear treatment facilities.
  • Conditioning tank: Receiving sewage, regulating flow. At the regulating tank, there is a pump system to regulate the flow and aeration system to regulate the concentration of dirt
  • PH stabilizing tank: The pH stabilizing tank has a pH adjustment system and a submersible stirrer system – it mixes pH adjustment chemicals with wastewater, in order to create the optimal conditions for the flocculation process in the rear project.
  • Mixing tank: Waste water from pH stabilizing tank is pumped to chemical mixing tank. Coagulation chemicals and colloidal chemicals are added to the wastewater, then thanks to the stirring motor system operating at high speed, mixing the flocculation chemicals with the wastewater.
  • Reaction tank: Waste water from mixing tank 2 flows to the reaction tank, the reaction tank is stirred by the engine in order to create conditions for the chemical dog to be flocculated and to support the reaction time. sedimentation process in wastewater.
  • Clarifier: Waste water from reactor flows to sedimentation tank. Sediment tanks used as lamen sedimentation tanks, with the purpose of creating the optimal efficiency for the process of sedimentation in wastewater. Sludge from settling tanks is periodically discharged to sludge storage tanks thanks to the pumping system
  • Wastewater from settling tanks flows to itself after settling water. After sedimentation tank is responsible for storing clear water from the settling tank, creating optimal working conditions for the pressure filtration tank.
  • Pressure filtration tank has the task of filtering water and making in water, removing sediment from sediment. The pressure filter assembly is equipped with a fully automatic Auto Valve system, which minimizes the operation of the system. Sludge from filter tank will be transferred to sludge compressing tank.
  • Waste water after treatment by filter tank will concentrate in the regulating tank of the concentrated treatment station for thorough treatment.
  • Sludge compressing tank is responsible for storing mud formed during treatment. Sludge will be compressed and pressed by sludge dewatering