If level 11 or 12, typhoon No. 6 will be the strongest storm since the beginning of the 2019 storm season to date in the South China Sea.

According to Mai Van Khiem, Director of the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, the No. 6 storm with the international name Nakri (the name of a flower of Cambodia) has changed direction and turned straight to Vietnam, towards the region. Central and Southern provinces.

Khiem explained, because typhoon No. 6 is moving on a warm sea, the dynamic conditions in the storm area are also very favorable for the storm to accumulate energy and strengthen.

In addition, cold air will begin to affect the northern mountainous provinces tomorrow, continental high pressure will flow to the south, a combination of northern cold air and typhoon 6 in the south create. the northeast wind is very strong on the northern edge of the storm, causing typhoon No. 6 to increase rapidly from tomorrow (7-11).

Typhoon 6 reversed direction and headed towards Vietnam.

It is expected that typhoon No. 6 is likely to get stronger to level 11-12 when it reaches the northern part of the Spratly Islands on Saturdays and Sundays (September 9 and November 10). “If level 11 or 12, typhoon No. 6 will be the strongest storm since the beginning of the storm season in 2019 to the East Sea area,” Mr. Khiem said.

Storm No. 6 when approaching the shore, encountering colder waters, cold air has reached the Central region before it is likely to weaken 2-3 levels, even more when approaching the waters off the provinces. Central and South Central.

Storms will cause heavy rain to very high likelihood will focus in the period from the night of 9 to 11-10 in the coastal provinces from Thua Thien Hue to Phu Yen and the eastern part of the two provinces. Gia Lai and Kon Tum, rainfall in a day can reach over 100mm. From night 11-10 the rains still remain in the Central region but the intensity decreases markedly.

According to cand.com.vn


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