VESA is aiming for the 15th Anniversary of the company

Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Company Limited (VESA) was established on October 14, 2008. After 15 years of growth and development, VESA has affirmed its reputation as a pioneer contractor in the field of design, construction, installation and technology transfer of wastewater and clean water treatment systems.

The works designed and constructed by the hands and minds of talented and enthusiastic young engineers, contributing significantly to preserving and protecting the environment – become our great pride. The brand products that we are the exclusive representative for distribution are an affirmation of absolute trust from large and international suppliers such as Zoeller USA, Nikko Japan, Yuasa Korea, etc. We give closeness, reliability, professionalism, meticulousness in each stage of listening to the problem, consulting and implementing service solutions specifically for each customer.

We are not only satisfied with these achievements, but always strive to learn. Long distance business trips to work with major partners, learn technology processes and then become a reliable transfer partner. We just don’t want to be left behind in the age of deepening integration of the global economy. The experience gained through the works becomes a valuable resource for engineers to complete and improve water treatment processes that are efficient, cost-effective and simple in operation. Meetings full of eager listening, synthesis analysis, feedback from customers to come up with the most appropriate, timely and urgent solutions… All create a stronger, comprehensive VESA and is a reliable destination for you – our dear partners and customers.

You have been following us for 15 years. Please stay with us for a long time. Because above all, our survival criterion is by all means to add value to you. Thank you very much and look forward to our new development milestones! Best Regards./.

P/S: Memorable milestones and typical achievements of the company are recorded by us in the video below. Please take some time to watch.