History of VESA

History of VESA

Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Co., Ltd, (VESA) was founded in 2008 and since then has affirmed its reputation as a pioneer contractor in the water treatment field.

Over the years, VESA has gradually affirmed our prestige in the water treatment industry. VESA has cooperated with the Vietnam National University of Civil Engineering, Japan Nikko Company to broaden our knowledge in the industry. We aim for our systems to always meet the latest strictly treated water standards of Vietnam and International and to serve our customers better.

VESA’s current goal is to become one of the leaders in applying new advanced technology in the world to the Vietnamese water treatment industry.



2008: VESA Company was founded. Formed strategic partnership and became the exclusive representative of Zoeller Pump Company in Vietnam.
2012: ASTEC GROUP is officially a strategic shareholder to invest in VESA, with the goal of bringing advanced new technology from abroad for research and application development into Vietnam.
2015: VESA Company officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam National University of Civil Engineering on technology transfer: Anaerobic-Aerobic Combined Process for Onsite Wastewater Treatment System.
2018: VESA officially signed a cooperation agreement with NIKKO Corporation (Japan) on the distribution of NIKKO’s wastewater treatment Johkasou tanks in Vietnam.
Current: VESA is currently highly appreciated by International partners for its cooperation manner and is one of the companies with a prestigious brand name in terms of quality and products and services provided.