Nikko Johkasou News

NIKKO – VESA – We are like very seen friends

Last Monday morning (April 24, 2023), Vesa had a cordial reception for CEO Mr. Hiroshi Muroki and senior sales officer of Nikko Japan. ...


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Advanced wastewater treatment technology Nikko Johkasou has arrived in Vietnam

1. What is Johkasou? Johkasou is a domestic wastewater treatment system made in Japan. Johkasou utilizes the power of natural ...


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Comprehensive water leak test before shipment

Nikko Johkasou is a specialized product line for domestic wastewater treatment, requiring high tightness and accuracy of equipment ...


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Compression molding technology in manufacturing Nikko Johkasou tank shells

Nikko Johkasou tank shell is made of FRP composite material applying compression molding technology. This technology uses molds and ...


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Information to you about Nikko Johkasou Japan

NIKKO Corporation was founded in 1908 in Japan. Currently, Nikko is a key member of Japan Johkasou System Association. Mr. Hase Isao, ...


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The sun and wind in Quang Binh province have welcomed us

On March 24-25, 2023, our delegation including the Executive Director, Head of Design Department and Head of Construction Department ...


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Installed Nikko Johkasou Tank at Sudico Nam An Khanh Villas, Hanoi City

When the material worries of daily living have receded, business leaders like him – our beloved customer are deeply aware of the ...


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Installed Nikko Johkasou Tank at Hai Duong Provincial General Clinic

Our problem this time is to treat medical wastewater from a provincial polyclinic. This is a specific type of wastewater, different ...


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Nikko Johkasou application works – Wastewater treatment station of B&T Quang Binh wind farm cluster

The wastewater treatment station of B&T Quang Binh wind farm was started, completed and handed over for operation in 2011. The ...


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