The sun and wind in Quang Binh province have welcomed us

On March 24-25, 2023, our delegation including the Executive Director, Head of Design Department and Head of Construction Department visited and worked in Quang Binh province where is the central part of Vietnam and It is also a sandy beach with lots of sunshine and wind. The landscape here has a beautiful combination between the soft winding sand dunes shining in the sun and the deep blue Nhat Le sea, creating a feeling of magic and contrast. Admiring that magnificent and breathtaking beauty, we seem to be lost in an enchanting “paradise”. However, because of the urgent task this time, we still walked to B&T Wind Power Farm, where our Nikko Johkasou imported complete Japanese wastewater treatment tank was installed and operated. 

At the operating office, the CEO of VESA gave a presentation to the station operation managers, detailed training on the treatment process of the tank and emphasize the technical notes that need to be adjusted when there is a change in the input water quality index. The experiment took place right after that. The “charm” of the sun and wind here has left us with a tan skin after just an afternoon of hard work.

Say goodbye to Quang Binh with the next hustle and bustle. The wind is still as diligent as the skillful artists who release their souls to the sand dunes to create a unique appearance and cannot be seen again in the next times./.