Advanced wastewater treatment technology Nikko Johkasou has arrived in Vietnam

1. What is Johkasou?

Johkasou is a domestic wastewater treatment system made in Japan. Johkasou utilizes the power of natural microorganisms, which can reduce BOD to 10 mg/l before discharging into pipelines and rivers, contributing to creating a greener, cleaner and safer living environment.

2. Advantages of Nikko Johkasou technology:

  • Advanced technology for high processing efficiency and long-term stability;
  • The quality of the treated water meets Japanese and Vietnamese standards. The treated water can be used for watering plants, fire fighting, car washing, etc. and does not cause odors;
  • Solid structure, long life, good impact resistance, easy to move;
  • Reasonable cost for investment and operation, short construction time, simple in operation and maintenance;
  • Flexible processing capacity (01 – 100 m³/day), serving a variety of objects, including: villas, households, restaurants, hotels, eco-tourism areas, schools, hospital,…

3. Nikko Johkasou tank module codes:

  • Small size codes include: Mizu, Johkaou, JohkaouX, treatment capacity for 5-20 people
  • Medium and large sizes include: NSE, NK-USRII, treatment capacity for 14-2000 people

The tank can be designed specifically for your wastewater treatment project, based on your specific requirements and wishes.

4. Cooperation between VESA and Nikko

Our company VESA is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Nikko Johkasou products in Vietnam market.

With 15 years of experience in the field of water treatment, with abundant resources available both in terms of human resources and warehouses, we are confident that we can provide this quality product for each project of Vietnamese people, thereby contributing to preserving the environment for future generations. We always accompany and support each customer with our best from consulting, surveying, installation, operation to product maintenance.

5. Typical projects VESA has installed Nikko Johkasou in Vietnam

  1. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Y Yen villa, Nam Dinh province: model Johkaou. This is a Nikko wastewater treatment tank model designed specifically for a household of 5-10 people. The tank can treat domestic wastewater, capacity 1 ~ 2 m³/day.
  2. The wastewater treatment station of B&T wind farm cluster, Quang Binh province was started, completed and handed over for operation in 2011. The project uses 02 Nikko Johkasou tanks, model NSE-25, capacity: 5 m³/ day.
  3. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Hai Duong provincial general clinic, belonging to Tap Ha Medical Joint Stock Company, located at No. 203, Tran Phu street, Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province. Code NSE-14, capacity: 2 ~ 3 m³/day.
  4. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Sudico Nam An Khanh Villa, Hanoi City: model Mizu, with a treatment capacity of 2 m³/day, suitable for a household of 10 people.
  5. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Quang Thanh International Clinic, Hai Phong City. Investor: Hang Kenh Joint Stock Company, NSE-50, hospital wastewater treatment, capacity: 10 m³/day.
  6. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Institute of Agricultural Environment, NSE-18, domestic wastewater treatment, capacity 3 ~ 4 m³/day.
  7. Installation of Nikko Johkasou tank at Biomass Fuel Vietnam Factory. Investor: Yurtec Vietnam Co., Ltd in Hanoi City, NSE-30, domestic wastewater treatment, capacity 6 m³/day.

Please put your trust in us! VESA joins hands with you to preserve the environment for future generations.

For more information, please contact: Customer Service Department – VESA Company. Hotline: (+84) 904 571 488. Person on duty: Ms Nhung.

Best Regards./.