NIKKO – VESA – We are like very seen friends

Last Monday morning (April 24, 2023), Vesa had a cordial reception for CEO Mr. Hiroshi Muroki and senior sales officer of Nikko Japan. After 3 years of returning to Vietnam since Covid, Mr. Muroki was delighted with the crowdedness of Hanoi capital like never before the Covid-19 pandemic; the air is very humid due to the preparation of the cold air at the end of the season; and Vesa has moved to a new, more decent and spacious headquarters.

The warmly welcomed representatives of Vesa include the President, CEO and Deputy Director. We are like longtime friends who meet again. Because we looked at each other on Google Meeting a lot, the nostalgia overflowed, so we had to book tickets, cross the high mountains, the wide sea, thousands of miles away, but meet our hands, shake hands, chat and talk! That conversation lasted from the morning session to the afternoon session. At midday or late at night, they would go out to eat, chat and admire the streets. Between us, there is only openness, cooperation, and jointly taking opportunities to make NIKKO JOHKASOU Integrated Wastewater Treatment Tanks become the leading Johkasou brand in Vietnam market. This will contribute significantly to the strong growth of the two companies; It is also an opportunity to join hands with the Vietnamese to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

If you need more advice about the domestic wastewater treatment product line imported CBU from Japan, serving this diverse audience, please contact: Customer Service Department, VESA Company. Hotline: (+84) 904 571 488 (Ms Nhung).

Best Regards./.

Some pictures from the meeting