Electrical System – Cabinet

IP protection level of electrical cabinets

1. What is the IP protection level of electrical cabinets? According to IEC 60529 standard, the IP protection level of an electrical ...


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Alarm feature of VESA Remote Monitoring System

The remote monitoring system is manufactured and designed by VESA. This is a comprehensive support system in on-site and remote ...


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Instructions for selecting electrical cable trays

There are many types of cable trays on the market with a wide variety of materials and finishes. When researching, you will encounter ...


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Control cabinet for RO water purification system

Most industrial RO water purification systems today use electrical control cabinets, but not everyone knows how to choose the right ...


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Guide to choosing Aptomat

1. Concept of Aptomat Aptomat is an electrical device that everyone must have heard of. Basically, Aptomat is a type of circuit breaker ...


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Preeminent features of VESA wastewater treatment system control cabinet

With a technical team of many years of experience, thoughtful, enthusiastic and friendly advice, along with the prestige that VESA has ...


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Guide to choose contactor for motor

A contactor  is an electrically controlled switch used to switch electrical circuits, similar to a relay except that it has a higher ...


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Remote monitoring system – Effective support solution in the operation and management of wastewater treatment systems

Vietnam today is making great strides in the transformation from an agricultural country to a developed industry. Along with economic ...


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Calculation and selection guide for Thermal Relay

Thermal Relay is an electrical device that automatically switches off the contacts when heat is applied to the metal rods and causes ...


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