Alarm feature of VESA Remote Monitoring System

The remote monitoring system is manufactured and designed by VESA. This is a comprehensive support system in on-site and remote monitoring for wastewater and clean water treatment systems. Managers and operators fully know the problem quickly and accurately before the problem affects production activities.

One of the important and useful features of the Remote Monitoring System is to broadcast an incident warning signal through the siren light system at the station or remote alarm via email.

• With the function of signaling through the horn system, the warning signal is sent out immediately with very little delay. As a result, operators can quickly receive information and have a timely response plan.


• With the feature of sending email alerts, it is possible to send alerts to many people at the same time; easily update changes, add recipient’s email address when required. This makes the incident alert more efficient, can save and retrieve the time of the incident, the type of incident easily.


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