Information to you about Nikko Johkasou Japan

NIKKO Corporation was founded in 1908 in Japan. Currently, Nikko is a key member of Japan Johkasou System Association. Mr. Hase Isao, is the Director of Nikko and also holds the position of Vice President of this association. Over 50 years of manufacturing and developing Johkasou wastewater treatment products, Nikko is proud to have provided more than 1,000,000 Johkasou tanks to the people of this country.

The city of Gyoda in Saitama Prefecture – the lifeblood of Japan’s economic development, is also where Nikko’s Saitama Factory is located. This is considered one of the FRP Johkasou composite factories with the largest capacity in Japan, with a complete process from material production (SMC) to molding finished products. Nikko composites are superior in performance and solve the problem of cost reduction, through improving productivity, saving space, saving energy and reducing installation time. As a result, the Johkasou products that Nikko provides to the market achieve optimal economic efficiency for customers.

Nikko Johkasou products have wide compatibility, suitable for many objects, from households to apartment buildings or industrial factories. Johkasou wastewater treatment technology utilizes the power of natural microorganisms, which can reduce BOD to 10 mg/l before discharging into wastewater pipelines and rivers. Nikko Johkasou contributes to creating a greener, cleaner and safer living environment.

All Nikko Johkasou products are made in Japan with the highest quality and are fully and strictly compliant with Japanese YCDC construction guidelines and water hygiene standards.

Nikko Johkasou – Exceptional, reliable quality, bringing absolute peace of mind to customers. “We will bring to you advanced wastewater treatment technology that has been proven and produced by the Japanese, from now to the future”; “Nikko Johkasou and Vietnamese people preserve the environment for future generations”.

VESA is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Nikko Johkasou products in Vietnam market. For any product consultation, please contact us. Customer Service Department – VESA Company. Hotline: 0904 571 488 (Ms Nhung).

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