Installed Nikko Johkasou Tank at Hai Duong Provincial General Clinic

Our problem this time is to treat medical wastewater from a provincial polyclinic. This is a specific type of wastewater, different from other types of wastewater from other industries. Waste sources arise from medical examination and treatment activities, domestic water from the medical examination area, and from laboratories (preliminarily treated). This wastewater contains a large number of bacteria, dangerous and highly contagious pathogens such as green pus bacillus, yellow staphylococcus, E. coli, polio virus, Covid-19 virus, etc. If you come into contact with or use untreated wastewater and discharge it directly into the outside environment, you will be at great risk of contracting diseases and spreading disease to the community. Therefore, it will have a very serious impact on human health and have a significant impact on socio-economic life.

After conducting a survey of the current situation and listening to the wishes of our dear Customer, we proposed the option of using a wastewater treatment tank imported from Japan NIKKO JOHKASOU, code NSE-14. NSE is an advanced and compact product line, using bio-adhesive filtration, achieving high treatment efficiency and long-term stability; reasonable investment and operating costs; easy to operate and maintain.

The General Clinic belongs to Tap Ha Medical Joint Stock Company, located at 203, Tran Phu Street, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong Province with the amount of wastewater generated from 2~3 m³/day, which is completely consistent with the plan that we proposed. After completing the installation, testing and handing over, the system is still operating stably so far. The quality of the treated water meets QCVN 28:2010/BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on Medical Wastewater.

We are committed to accompanying and supporting customers throughout the operation of the system. Adding value to you has always been our guiding principle.

For more information, please contact: Customer Service Department – VESA Company. Hotline: 0904 571 488. Person on duty: Ms Nhung

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