Install a bathroom anywhere with Qwik Jon

Qwik Jon – The ultimate solution for your basement!

QWIK JON bathroom waste drainage device, which can be flexibly connected to latrines, lavabo, bathtub… helps to pump waste quickly into the septic tank/discharge system of the building. You won’t need to break walls or raise floors with just QWIKJON!

The QWIK JON includes an ultra-durable ABS storage tank, inside which is a high-quality pump that automatically ejects waste when the tank is full. With a smart pump design with an additional impeller, QWIK JON solves all problems of clogging, jams caused by paper or foreign objects falling into the toilet.

With a compact design, QWIK JON is installed very simply and quickly, especially suitable for construction techniques in Vietnam, without breaking concrete, extremely saving construction costs, adding value to your house.

Building a bathroom is easy with Qwik Jon!

If you need product advice, please contact: Vietnam Water and Sanitation Company Limited (VESA) – Zoeller’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam. 

Person on duty: Ms Nhung. Zalo: 0948 517 166. Hotline: 0904 571 488. 

Sincerely thank you!