Own a standard toilet for yourself, why not?

3.6 billion people around the world still live with poor quality toilets, damaging both physical and mental health (according to worldtoiletday.info).

Right in the “core area” of the capital of Vietnam, 4476 households living in the Old Quarter (equivalent to 13,009 people – according to the New Hanoi newspaper in May 2021) are suffering every day by sharing toilets that have been severely degraded.

They get carried away with daily lives without caring about their right to access to safe sanitation!


Our Qwik Jon smart waste drainer solves this problem thoroughly. Its design is extremely compact and synchronous, so it is easy to move and install in tight spaces. The integrated pump with the impeller can cut waste up to 200,000 times per minute. No need to break the concrete, or raise the floor. You can be hesitant to create a bathroom anywhere.

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