Drain pump 119

Drain pump 119

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Drain pump 119 – Smart drainage pump

Drain pump 119 – From Zoeller – USA – A large and long-standing pump manufacturer in the US, with more than 80 years of working experience in the field of pump research and manufacturing. Qwik Jon helps you install bathrooms, toilets, and hand wash basins in locations where wastewater cannot be drained by conventional natural methods such as basements, garages, clinics, additional bathrooms, and extra rooms. , warehouse, factory, auxiliary kitchen, portable toilet, etc.

The product is officially distributed by Vesa.


Dimensions: 497mm(w) x 235mm(d) x 400mm(h)
Weight: 15,2kg
Equipment includes:

  • 1 white ABS tank
  • 1 pump (No garbage blade)
  • 2 auxiliary wastewater collection lines
  • 1 activated carbon technology deodorant cap
  • Power cord 1.5m

Pump head: Hmax = 10m

Application: Restroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, hand basin, clinic, basement, garage, etc.

How to install?

  • Wall mounted installation
  • Independent installation
  • Underfloor installation

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