Clean water treatment technology by multi-stage pressure filtration system

Flowchart of clean water treatment technology by Multi-stage pressure filtration system

Figure 1: Flowchart of clean water treatment technology by Multi-stage pressure filtration system

Technology Description:

–     The source water will be pre-treated by a pre-fabricated specialized settling equipment system with high treatment efficiency.

Figure 2: Working principle diagram of the prefabricated settling device system.

–    Raw water is pumped by the pump system from the raw water tank into the chemical mixing tank. The chemical mixing tank is installed with 01 high-speed stirring motor that is responsible for mixing coagulant chemicals with raw water. The water then flows to the reactor. The reaction tank is equipped with a chemical engine with low speed to facilitate the floc particles in the water to stick together and increase in size. The water from the reactor is transferred to the settling tank. The settling tank is installed with inclined settling plates to improve the treatment efficiency for the project. The clear water after settling will be led to the next treatment work. The sludge at the bottom of the settling tank will be periodically discharged to the mud drying yard thanks to the operation of the electric valve.

–     Multi-level filtration system uses pressure filtration equipment specifically designed for clean water treatment. The system operates stably with high automation thanks to the operation of automatic filter washing Auto valves. The system uses 04 filter levels in series; Each filter level has a different effect. As follows.

Filter level 1: Sand filter => has the effect of removing unsettled particles after the settling tank,
Filter level 2: Activated carbon filter => Has the effect of adsorbing organic compounds, deodorizing water,
Filter level 3: Ion exchange filter => Has the effect of removing water hardness, minimizing the deposition phenomenon on water transmission and distribution pipes,
Filter level 4: Protective filter with filter core size of 5.0 micron and filter core 0.2 micron => Effective in removing microscopic particles and bacteria.

Figure 3: Layout diagram of the multi-stage pressure filtration system

Sand filter column; (2) Activated carbon filter column; (3) Water softener filter column; (4) and (5) protective filter columns; (6) Auto valve


–     Simple treatment system, good water quality due to many filtration levels.

–     Equipment is available on the market, easy to operate, convenient to replace.

–     Equipment with high automation reduces the number of employees to operate and monitor the system.

–    Suitable for treatment plants with a water treatment capacity of less than 3000 m3/day, requiring high automation

–      The system requires less space due to the pressure filtration mechanism (Using pressure from the pump gives a higher filtration rate than the system using the gravity fast filtration method)


–     Requires close system monitoring to ensure the operation of all devices

Scope of application:

–     This water treatment method has a suitable pressure for water treatment systems requiring high quality, with a small design capacity