The story of young people working to preserve the environment

I am a genuine fresh graduate. Studying hard and then graduating from the University with a degree in Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering, I am full of ambition and enthusiasm with the desire to contribute to Vietnam’s environmental field. Fortunately, I joined VESA Vietnam Water and Sanitation Company Limited, directly led and trained by my boss.

In the evenings following the boss’s footsteps, having the honor of carrying his suitcase to the forest and down to the sea, I felt like I was broadened both in terms of knowledge and skills and had a deeper insight into the love of the profession. I was able to witness with my own eyes the contrasting scenes in paper recycling craft villages, vermicelli production villages, etc. in Bac Ninh province, next to Hanoi capital. The image of magnificent and magnificent villa buildings surrounded by ditches, black lakes, and serious pollution. People’s living standards have been significantly improved, but because of the immediate benefit of the environment being destroyed, in the long term it seriously affects the health of the people living here.

I also had the opportunity to meet the leaders of factories in remote provinces, where “no one knows about even illegally dumping waste into the water source” but they still order us large capacity sewage treatment tanks. Because “care for the environment”, and “can sleep peacefully every night”. Will changing and raising awareness of preserving-not-one’s environment be the root cause of Vietnam’s current serious water pollution problem?

Working in wastewater treatment is also very demanding. But the boss said, “Don’t complain! Every profession has its own difficulties and pressures”. Learning a job is difficult, how to make it a tool not only for a living but also to bring us joy every day at work, a motivation to strive, learn, create and improve ourselves. A fair life divides glory equally among all professions in the world. When passionately love the profession, it will never help us, but rather carefree brings us joy and honor. The boss confided, “Staying with the company since the early days of establishment, sleeping, fighting with the project for many rainy and sunny days as well as young engineers like you, experiencing bitter hardships. But seeing the company growing stronger, the brand is broad-spectrum, only hearing the name is known for wastewater treatment, so the profession has not betrayed me. When the profession has eaten into the blood, how can it be said to quit? Make every effort to learn, a young person like you will succeed.”

Do you want to enter this profession of taking care of the environment with our team? Our company is still in need of recruiting many positions of Sales Officer, Construction Officer, and Operation Engineer. For details, please see:

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