Installed Qwik Jon at Bang Lang Vinhomes Riverside Villa Area

Following customers to visit, survey and install Qwik Jon equipment at Bang Lang Vinhomes Riverside villa complex, Long Bien district, Hanoi city, we were surprised with the luxury of this place.


This place is known as the most V.I.P subdivision in the entire project with the largest number of riverside villas and density of trees and lakes. It owns a prime and closed location. It is considered a high-class residence for the upper class of the capital.


VESA is trusted by customers here to be the consultant and installer of the Qwik Jon smart drainage device package for the basement of the villa. The customer has chosen the Qwik Jon Ultima 202. This is the most advanced product code, not only operates efficiently and reliably, but also ensures high aesthetics.


VESA customers will enjoy 1 year free warranty right after completing the installation. VESA will periodically check equipment, maintain, and handle problems very quickly and wholeheartedly for customers. All consulting needs will be answered continuously 24/7 via Hotline 0904-571-488.


We sincerely thank you and look forward to receiving more support from our customers!


Below is a picture of the complete installation and performance check of the device