Installed Qwik Jon in the Kitchen, Office Area, Technology Solutions Application Co., Ltd Astec


The Technology Solutions Application Co., Ltd (Astec) is a company specialized in the field of industrial and civil automation. With nearly 20 years of experience, Astec has achieved many achievements in investment consulting, technology upgrading and transfer of electrical equipment and industrial control measurement.

Recently, Astec moved their headquarters. From renting the building, they bought an office space at Viet Duc Complex, in Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City. The office area is up to 300 m² and is divided into many separate function rooms. They plan to reserve a part of the area for the kitchen, provide 60 lunches for employees, in addition to the demand for tea and coffee. However, the problem encountered is that the drainage area from the sink is very far from the common drain of the building.


Astec and VESA are both member companies that co-founded the ISG (Innovation Solution Group). Astec has known the Qwik Jon smart drainage device, which provides the perfect solution for draining water where wastewater cannot drain by conventional natural methods.

For them, the reliability of the efficiency of the Zoeller grinder pump contained in the Qwik Jon made this unit stands out against other units that feature macerators.

Therefore, they applied Qwik Jon Ultima (QJU) – the right solution, without worrying about punching walls and floors, saving both time and budget without any risk in terms of quality and effectiveness of use.

The QJU is equipped with a grinder pump, plate and cutter made of 440 stainless steel. Tri-Slice ® cutting technology features three independent cutting channels that provide over than 200,000 cuts per minute. QJU can cut food waste that comes in from the cooking process into a fine paste and pump it into a standard drain. The QJU is ideal for commercial and residential use. For Astec, having a sink attached to the QJU completes their kitchen.


Mr. Truong Hong Thanh, Chairman of Astec’s Board of Directors, said: “It’s very convenient. Luckily, instead of using the traditional method of breaking concrete to install the drainage system, we only spent 3 hours on the installation. This has helped us save a lot of time, effort and money, minimizing disruption to the company’s production activities. We also worry about the noise level of the device but it really doesn’t matter. We are satisfied with the professional service that VESA provides.”

Astec was extremely pleased and believes the Qwik Jon smart drainage solution can significantly benefit others facing similar obstacles.

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