Wastewater treatment system of De Dong complex, Quy Nhon

  • Location: Nhon Binh, Quy Nhon
  • Category: Wastewater treatment
  • Capacity: 252 m3/day
  • Time span: 2022

Project details

Wastewater treatment system has a capacity of 252m3/day. Carefully built by VESA, from consulting to system design. Wastewater treatment system is being completed and installed from October 2022.

Located close to Ha Thanh river in De Dong resettlement area, Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city. The project has a scale of 20 floors, including 1 commercial service floor, 3 parking floors and 16 floors of apartment buildings with 252 apartments. The project has a shape with 3 ideal views in it, one directly overlooking the Ha Thanh river, the other overlooking the Thi Nai lagoon. The project is expected to provide living space and service facilities for about 932 residents. The project is located in an area that has been deployed in terms of infrastructure and is considered as one of the future bustling areas in Quy Nhon city.

Wastewater treatment system area is located on the side of the building, avoiding the wind direction. Does not affect aesthetics. VESA is honored to have a small part in the construction of a high-class building.

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