Medical waste treatment system for Thanh Xuan District medical station

  • Location: Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
  • Category: Wastewater treatment
  • Time span: 2022

Project details

Medical waste treatment system is one of VESA’s strengths. The system of handling medical stations in the wards of Thanh Xuan district was designed and implemented by Vesa quickly within 1 month.

With the design of using ready-made Composite tank branded Vesa. Save space, bring high efficiency in processing.

Improving the quality of grassroots health is always a problem that is posed and sought to be solved by the forces of cadres, trainees and leaders at all levels. Not only improving the quality of service, quality of doctors, quality of medical equipment. In fact, we need to improve the quality of medical waste and wastewater treatment.

VESA is very proud to contribute a small part to projects of public significance, serving the community.

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