ATV310 inverter user manual

ATV310 Schneider inverter is a product line that is widely used in industrial parks and factories. However, for the machine to operate at the highest efficiency, it is necessary to know how to connect and install. With more than 10 years of using the ATV310 inverter for their systems, VESECO engineers will guide you in detail on how to connect and install the ATV310 Scheider inverter in a simple and accurate way.

1. ATV310 inverter connection diagram

+5V: Power supply for reference potentiometer

 AO1: Voltage or current analog output

 LO+: Logic output

 LO-: Common of the logic output (emitter)

 LI1 : Logic inputs

 LI2: Logic inputs

 LI3: Logic inputs

 LI4: Logic inputs

 AI1: Voltage or current analog input

 24+: +24 VDC supply provided by the drive

 R,S,T:  3 Phase Input

 U,V,W: 3 Phase Output

 PA/+,PB : Discharge resistor terminal.

 R1A : NO contact of the relay

 R1B : NC contact of the relay

 R1C : Common pin of the relay

2. Quickly installation steps of ATV310

Step 1: Reset the inverter to factory default

ATV310E: COnF/ 102 = 64 (2s) 

Step 2: Enter engine parameters, do auto tune (engine with label)

Go to the Motor Control menu and set the parameters:

  • Motor type (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • Rated power
  • Rated voltage
  • Rated current
  • Rated frequency
  • Rated speed
  • Cosphi (depending on the type of inverter)

ATV310E: COnF/ FULL/ 300-/

  • 301 =Engine type = 50
  • 302 = C. rate VND / level VND / rate
  • 304 = Electrical voltage/level/mechanical
  • 305 = Current VND/level VND/mechanical
  • 306 = Frequency VND/level/muscle
  • 307 = Speed VND/level/mechanism
  • 318 = 01 -> 02 (for tuning)

Step 3: Select the motor control law depending on the type of load

Law of motor control depending on load

Vector control

  • Higher accuracy, high torque at low speed (0-10Hz)
  • Better dynamic response than V/F . control
  • Requires entering motor parameters and doing tuning

Law V/F

  • For motor without parameter
  • Multiple motors in parallel
  • The motor has a small capacity compared to the inverter

ATV310E: COnF/FULL/ 300-/ 309 = 00 (vector law), 03 (U/f law), 06 (fan pump law)

Go to the Settings menu to install:

  • Overload protection current
  • Acceleration and deceleration time
  • High speed restriction, low speed restriction

Step 4: Set working parameters

– Overload protection current setting

  ATV310E: COnF/ FULL/ 600-/604/ 604.0 = motor rated current

– Set current limit (current limit)

  ATV310E: COnF/ FULL/ 500-/ 511-/ 511.1 = customized according to user needs, up to 1.5 In

– Set acceleration time (ACC), deceleration time (DEC)

  ATV310E: COnF/ 501.0 (ACC), 501.1 (DEC)

– Set high speed limit (HSP), low speed limit (LSP)

  ATV310E: COnF/ 512.0 (LSP), 512.2 (HSP)

– Setting the carrier frequency/switching frequency

  ATV310E: COnF/ FULL / 300-/315

Step 5: Install the inverter status relays

Relay 1 (R1A-R1B-R1C) has an error (relay closes when there is no error, opens when there is an error)

Relay 2 (R2A-R2C) stops running

ATV310E: COnF/ Full / 200/ 205 = 01, / 206 / 206.0 = 02

Step 6: Set the inverter status analog output

Set AO1 to report running speed, output from 0-10VDC

  ATV310E: COnF / Full / 200 / 216 / 216.0= 130 (run speed indicator), / 216.1 = 10V (output 0-10V)

Catch on the fly function

  ATV310E: COnF/ Full / 600/603 = 1

Summary of error codes and how to fix ATV310 Inverter

Code Name Remedy
F010 Overcurrent ·       Check the parameters.

·       Check the size of the motor/drive/load.

·       Check the state of the mechanism.

·       Connect line motor chokes.

F018 Motor short-circuit ·       Check the cables connecting the drive to the motor and the motor insulation.

·       Connect line motor chokes.

F019 Ground short-circuit
F020 IGBT short circuit ·       Contact local Schneider Electric representative.
F025 Overspeed ·       Check the motor.

·        If overspeed is 10% more than Top frequency 308 (page 52) adjust this parameter if necessary.

·        Add a braking resistor.

·        Check parameters of the speed loop (gain and stability).

F033 AI1 current loss ·       Check the terminal connection.
F014  1 Output phase loss ·       Check the cables connecting the drive to the motor and the motor insulation.
F015 3 Output phase loss ·       Check the cables connecting the drive to the motor and the motor insulation.

·       Output current less than 6% rated current

·       Turn off error 605=no

F017 Input phase loss ·       Check power and fuses

·       Turn off input phase loss error 606=no

F022 Communication error ·       Check the communication connection

·       Check the communication settings

F030 Undervoltage ·       Check source quality

·       Parameter setting 607

F027 IGBT Overheat ·       Check engine capacity

·       Reduce pulse frequency to 315

·       Wait for the IGBT to cool down

F012 Process overload
  • Check the settings again
  • Reset to factory default

Above is our detailed sharing on how to install the ATV310 Schneider inverter for your reference. Hopefully with the above sharing, readers have got the detailed answer as well as understood how to install the Schneider ATV310 inverter.

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