Electrical supply and drainage control

Pump is a product used in many factories, apartment buildings, commercial centers, offices, wastewater treatment systems and most of the current constructions. To control one or more pumps, protect, monitor or direct the operation of the pump, we need a control panel system to operate the pump according to the specific application.

With sewage manholes, transfer pumping stations, pumps will operate automatically based on sensing the water level in the tank. An electric float or a level meter with electrode rods can be used to transmit the signal to the cabinet. Use the timer to set the pump rotation.

With clean water supply pumps, the pump works based on pressure induction in the pipeline. Can use pressure switch or pressure sensor, through the signal processor, the signal is transmitted to the control cabinet to control the operation of the pumps. Use the inverter in combination to maintain pressure in the pipeline and prevent overload of the pump if the pump does not have a sensor.

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