Instructions for upload PLC program S7-1200

PLC S7 – 1200 is a new PLC of SIEMENS, with outstanding features of simplicity but high accuracy. PLC S7-1200 was born in 2009 to replace S7-200. It is highly appreciated and loved by the automation world because the S7-1200 overcomes the shortcomings of the S7-200 perfectly.

Siemens PLC S7 1200 is widely applied in:

  • Conveyor system
  • Food production line
  • Wastewater treatment line
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Line of brewery, wine, beverage
  • Machinery for printing, packaging, plastic industry

With many years of experience using this PLC line for its wastewater and clean water treatment systems, VESA would like to share some knowledge for beginners. The first is how to UPLOAD program for PLC S7-1200. This is an important skill not only for automation engineers but also for non-specialist operators to be able to be more proactive in their work and confidently work with electrical systems. – automation.

Steps to UPLOAD PLC program S7-1200:

– Step 1: Plug in the network cable to connect the PLC to the computer

– Step 2: Turn on the TIA portal software, open the folder containing the program files

– Step 3: Click on the PLC item, click the Download icon on the toolbar. A dialog box appears as shown in the figure.

  • In the Type of the PG/PC interface section, select PN/IE.
  • In the PG/PC interface section, select the LAN card of the machine.
  • In the Connection to interface/subnet section, select Direct at slot’1 X1′.
  • Select target device select Show all compatible devices
  • Click Start search to search for devices

– Step 4: After clicking on the Start search item, you will get a dialog box as shown. Click on the device you just found and then click the Load button

– Step 5: When the dialog box appears as shown in the figure, click on the Load button

– Step 6: Tick Start all. Then click the finish button to finish pouring the program

Above VESACO has shared 6 steps to help you upload programs with PLC S7-1200. If you need advice and installation of electrical-automation systems, please contact:

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