Domestic wastewater treatment system – Hoa Binh Green City

  • Location: Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Investor: Hoa Binh Steel Production and Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Classification: Wastewater treatment
  • Capacity: 500m3/day.night
  • Implementation period: 2014-2015

Project details

Hoa Binh Green City Apartment is a complex of commercial, service and luxury apartments at 505 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. With 6-star design and unique architectural style combining first-class amenities in Hanoi. The project is located at the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge – the arterial route to the city center. The project was built with many “unique” features in Hanoi.

VESA is pleased to become the contractor for the building’s wastewater treatment system with a capacity of up to 500m3/day.night. Operating since 2015, the project has been operating well and meeting the needs of users.