Renovating the electrical system at Hai Phong International General Hospital

VESA Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Co., Ltd., with 15 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment, has successfully implemented many projects of high difficulty, stretching from North to South. The most recent is the project of Renovating the wastewater treatment system of Hai Phong International General Hospital, with the urgent element of time due to the specific nature of the hospital.

VESA company has moved the electrical cabinets, reconnected the equipment as well as reinstalled and brought the electrical cabinets and the monitoring SCada system back to normal operation within the allowed time. The work is carried out safely, on schedule and with technical assurance.

VESA provides renovation, maintenance and repair services for electrical systems, electrical cabinets for wastewater treatment systems, clean water… With a team of skilled engineers, we are committed to providing customers with services. Prestige, professional, competitive price.

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