Automatic Waste Water Monitoring System

Automatic Waste Water Monitoring System

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According to Decree 40/2019/ND-CP of the Government: Amending and supplementing a number of articles of decrees detailing and guiding the implementation of the Law on Environmental Protection (old circular: circular 24/2017) /TT-BTNMT, technical regulations on environmental monitoring), production, business and service establishments of the type of production that are at risk of causing environmental pollution and have a discharge scale from 500 m3/day (24h) or more, calculated according to the design capacity of the wastewater treatment system, must perform automatic and continuous monitoring of wastewater. Automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring parameters include: flow (input and outlet), temperature, pH, TSS, COD, ammonia.

From the above requirements, VESA has combined the equipment portfolio and the most advanced measuring technologies of famous instrument manufacturers such as KRK, GO Systemelektronik, Endress+Hauser to design and install important solutions. Optimal wastewater quality monitoring for each plant according to the specific characteristics of each industry and fully meets the strict requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The automatic wastewater monitoring system we built consists of 3 main parts:

– Field water quality measurement and data collection system

– Data transmission system

– Monitoring system at the center

Solution model :


Wastewater after treatment is pumped from the storage tank to the automatic monitoring station, the monitoring devices will measure the indicators according to the regulations and transfer the data to the Datalogger. The data is transmitted from the Datalogger to the server system. of the management units – Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the factory’s management software system via the Internet. The management unit – Department of Natural Resources and Environment can use the Internet to control the automatic sampling device when there is an abnormality.

Our company VESA with trained personnel from famous measuring equipment manufacturers in the world will provide solutions for consulting, designing and installing a standard wastewater monitoring station, with Outstanding advantages:

– Cost Optimization

  • Initial investment costs.
  • Optimizing resources and operating personnel

– Meet the needs and comply with the regulations of the management agencies.

  • Build automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring station.
  • Monitoring, monitoring 24/7 wastewater quality, compared with the regulations of the State.
  • Data transmission to management units.
  • Disclosure of information.
  • Generate reports.

– Improve the quality of operation, promote the brand.

  • Ability to integrate with all other equipment and systems of the factory, monitor all systems on the same software interface.
  • Control and limit risks by intelligent control devices.
  • Monitor the system from multiple places.
  • Quality control, data transmission results.
  • Disclosure of information, promotion of brand image.