Solutions for Remote System Monitoring – Control

Solutions for Remote System Monitoring – Control

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With the development of the 4.0 technology platform, instead of only controlling and monitoring internally in factories and buildings. Now with devices that support IoT cloud, customers can remotely monitor systems anytime, anywhere through smart devices that support internet connection: smartphone, table, laptop, etc.

After years of research and development, VESA has built a remote monitoring solution that identifies and resolves abnormal situations up to 5 times faster due to increased situational awareness. Increase operator efficiency by 40% or more, reducing task completion time.



The solution developed by VESA includes the following features:

– Remote control monitoring solution via Ethernet network

– Simple and programmable IoT platform development through V-NET

– Device management, monitoring and control via computer or Smartphone (Android/ iOS)

– PLC monitoring and remote program loading

– Support multiple users to access and control at the same time at many different devices

– Support to connect with most PLC devices of brands in the world

– Support WIFI connection, 4G Sim or Ethernet cable

– Support access to iOS, desktop browser

– Global connectivity, to the cloud via Ethernet/Wifi

– Fast connection, intuitive programming, remote connection system via HTTP/ OPC/ MQTT

– High security and reliability mode

– Meets IEC 60947-4-1 standards

The solution provided by VESA is applicable to:

– Water pumping station system

– Automatic watering system

– Waste water treatment system

– Clean water treatment system

With more than 15 years of experience in the installation and operation of wastewater and clean water treatment systems, VESA understands and understands the needs of customers in controlling and monitoring systems remotely and continuously. , has since studied for many years and has mastered the entire technology from hardware to software. Customers can rest assured to choose our solutions for their systems.

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