Electrical Cabinet Waste Water Treatment System

Electrical Cabinet Waste Water Treatment System

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The electrical cabinet that controls the wastewater treatment system is an electrical cabinet that helps operate the wastewater treatment system by controlling pumps, agitators, air blowers, metering pumps, etc., operating according to technological processes to ensure The output water of the system meets the standards, ensuring safety and minimizing environmental pollution.

Vietnam Water and Environmental Sanitation Company Limited (VESA)  is always ready to meet all requirements of customers in designing and installing electrical cabinets for wastewater treatment systems.


No Category Specifications
1 Standard  IEC 60439 – 1 , IEC 60529
2 Rate voltage  220 – 230 VAC, 380 – 415 VAC
3 Protection level   IP43 – IP55
4 Operation mode

– Hand (Man)
– Auto (Auto) : Works automatically according to the level indicator and alternately over time

5 Cabinets

– Designed as a frame, thickness from 1.5 – 2 mm

– Powder coated in color RAL7032 or RAL7035

– Type of wall cabinet or self-standing base, 1 or 2 layers of wings depending on requirements

6 Switchgear


– Chint/ Schneider/ Mitsubishi

– Can be changed according to customer’s request

7 Switches, push buttons, indicator lights, other auxiliary equipment – Idec/ Hanyuong
8 Control system – Control by PLC and HMI (Siemens/ Omron/ Delta)



– The cabinet can be equipped with phase protection, rotating lights, buzzer when problems occur, connecting to the building’s BMS system depending on customer requirements.

– It is possible to build a SCADA system with a monitoring computer located in the control room to control the entire operation of the system.

– With equipment with large capacity. can choose to start by star-delta method, or soft start, inverter

– In addition, 1 inverter can be used for 2 machines to optimize costs


Vietnam Water and Enviromental Sanitation Company Limited (VESA)  is a unit operating for many years in the field of design, installation, maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment systems according to all requirements of customers. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, sustainable use, long-term use and the best warranty policy for customers.


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