VESA Electrical Cabinets go everywhere

Handing over electrical cabinet system with 105 m³/h borehole water filtration system, 5 m³/h RO water filter, 125 m³/day and night waste water treatment system to “Thanh Nga Luxury Restaurant and Event Center” in Tam Diep city, Ninh Binh province.

Fully automatic control system with Siemens LOGO 230RCE and PLC S7-1200 controllers. Flexible control, easy to change the operating program of the device to meet the technological requirements of the system to ensure that the output water quality always meets the standards.

Using components and switchgear of prestigious brand Schneider. Ensure the safety of people and equipment.

The electrical cabinet system is designed, assembled and installed package by VESA. Ensure synchronization with other ME systems of the restaurant.

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