Company trip at Sam Son beach, Thanh Hoa province in summer 2020

One of the trade union activities that is always interested and focused by the Board of Directors is the organization of annual vacations for employees. After a series of stressful working days, this is not only an opportunity for members to rest and entertain, but also to exchange, remove all barriers, and understand each other better. In addition, it creates collective cohesion, contributing to the achievement of future work targets.


Accordingly, from July 3rd  to 5th , 2020, after a journey of more than 170km, the company’s delegation arrived at FLC Sam Son Beach & Golf Resort. Experiencing a rather long journey by car, although it was a little difficult, the cheerful spirit of excitement dispels all fatigue. Activities for 3 days and 2 nights include teambuilding activities on the beach with fun games, and enjoy together delicious dishes, specialties of Thanh Hoa province. All 50 members have created the most special and different journey ever. All limits are removed, individual obstacles no longer exist, all members are dedicated to the common goal of the whole team.


Let’s look back at the best moments of the trip with VESA!