Fishing port wastewater treatment

At fishing ports, a large volume of waste and wastewater is generated every day from activities such as loading and unloading, preliminary processing of seafood, ship cleaning, boat maintenance, and fishermen’s activities. Wastewater contains salty sea salt, impurities, fish scales, shrimp, squid, blood, fat from processed viscera… This waste mixture in hot summer weather will decompose and smells very bad. If not treated and discharged directly into the sea, it will cause serious pollution to the coastal marine basin environment, water resources, vegetation, as well as the quality of caught seafood.

Our seasoned engineers have begun monitoring and analyzing the treatment process for this organic-rich wastewater that fluctuates with very high COD levels, from 3000 to more than 5000 mg/l.

We updated technological process innovation from developed economies, learned and applied Japanese enzyme activation technology. This new and advanced technology uses enzymes with high activity to continuously regenerate the microorganisms in the Aerobic tank. This has made the treatment process much more efficient than with conventional activated sludge technology, the amount of sludge generated is significantly reduced. This will be a good start for Enzyme Activation technology, which is suitable for wastewater with high COD pollution (over 2000 mg/l), which saves significant operating costs and optimizes for wastewater treatment. benefits for customers.

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