Deploying digital transformation at VESA

The industrial revolution 4.0 of the world is developing rapidly and taking place in many developed countries. This is considered a smart revolution, giving humanity the opportunity to change the face of the economy. Industry 4.0 focuses on digital technology to a whole new level, enhancing the cohesion between the links of the production chain, including products, suppliers, partners and customers. It empowers business owners to take control of every aspect of their business, and enables them to leverage instant data to increase productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

Vietnam is currently a developing economy with a low middle income. Our Party and State see this as a promising opportunity to “change the life” of the country’s economy with proactive and positive preparation in terms of mentality, human resources and policies to anticipate this trend. Our country is considered as one of the first countries in the world to issue a national Digital Transformation program with a long-term vision. The program aims to develop the digital economy and form Vietnamese digital technology enterprises with strong capabilities.

Our company – Vietnam Water and Sanitation Co., Ltd. VESA is aware of the importance of digital transformation bringing practical benefits to all aspects of businesses. Digital transformation will help businesses operate more efficiently by eliminating intermediaries, optimizing processes, and saving costs; better governance thanks to abundant and systematic information; easy access and search for customers; improve labor productivity thanks to technological leverage; and most importantly, make quick and accurate decisions based on available data.

We realize that digital transformation based on business management software is the right way to meet production and business requirements as well as the company’s youthful and vibrant creative labor culture. We choose Base Enterprise – one of the leading Vietnamese technology companies in the field of business management platform. Base management software is considered a smart, modern technology product, built on three main components: Data & Artificial Intelligence, Interaction and Open Platform.

After many hours of intensive training and learning, each VESA officer is ready to practice and apply this superior software. Each officer will be granted an account to access all 6-software developed by Base. Those are:

  1. Base Wework – project & task management software
  2. Base Office – dispatch management software
  3. Base Request – request & proposal management software
  4. Base Workflow – automation & management software
  5. Base Meeting – software to organize & manage meetings
  6. Base Sign – software integrated electronic signature

It is hoped that with the investment determination of the Board of Directors, VESA will successfully implement digital transformation, significantly contributing to the outstanding growth and development of the company.

Below is a photo of VESA staff attending the training session: