What is the message in the VESA logo?

It is a symbol of the convergence of earth, water, air and light (there, the yellow of the earth, the blue of the water, the white of the air, and the red of the light). These are the elements necessary for life on earth. VESA’s mission is to join hands to protect this precious life.

Currently, because of pollution from unsustainable industrial development, from the effect of construction lack of environmentally friendly factors, from the abuse of chemicals in food technology and consumer goods, the healthy and safe living environment has been rapidly disappearing. When the habitat is destroyed and directly threatens human life, people are startled to see its urgency.

Thus, the role of environmental companies like ours is very important in solving current environmental problems. Established in 2008, VESA has affirmed its reputation as a pioneer contractor in the field of water treatment and environment. VESA has cooperated with Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, Japan Nikko Group to gradually improve technology, meet customer requirements with increasingly strict standards of Vietnam and international. The current goal of VESA is to become one of the leading companies in applying advanced new technology solutions in the world to the Vietnamese market.

We are willing to listen and serve all the needs of our customers from consulting, surveying, installation to operation, maintenance for all clean water and wastewater treatment works. Hope to have the opportunity to serve you one day soon.

For all consulting needs, please contact: Customer Service Department, VESA Company. Hotline: (+84) 904 571 488 (Ms Nhung).

Best Regards./.