Deodorizing Tower Electrical Cabinets

As water resources are increasingly depleted while the amount of wastewater and polluted water is increasing, the application of water treatment methods is increasingly concerned. For the same reason, wastewater treatment plants are built in large numbers, meeting the needs of consumers. However, a new problem exists in these plants that is the appearance of the odor of the wastewater treatment system.

Effects of odors:

  • Reflecting that the WWTP is having problems, the output water quality is not guaranteed
  • Causing discomfort, affecting health
  • Pollution the environment if the pollution level exceeds the allowed standards

There are many methods to treat odors at wastewater treatment stations, the most widely used method is the method of gas absorption by liquid. Liquid gas absorption is the process of transferring the gaseous components to be treated into the liquid phase by dissolving when they come into contact with each other. As a result, the exhaust gas molecules from the factory are kept on the surface and do not let out. The system uses a system of exhaust fans – push and circulation pumps of the absorbing liquid, chemical supply pumps.

In order to control the operation time, ensure longevity as well as avoid the problems of phase loss, phase reversal of the fan or the pump running without load due to the lack of absorbing chemicals, it is necessary to install a suitable electrical cabinet.

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