Nikko Johkasou application works – Wastewater treatment station of B&T Quang Binh wind farm cluster

The wastewater treatment station of B&T Quang Binh wind farm was started, completed and handed over for operation in 2011. The project uses 02 Nikko Johkasou tanks, model NSE-25, treatment capacity: 5m³/day.

NSE JOHKASOU is one of the advanced product lines of NIKKO Japan. The wastewater treatment tank is compactly designed, applies a biological filter circulation method with adjustable flow and is equipped with a denitrification function.

Up to now, the project is still operating stably, the water quality after treatment reaches column A according to QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT. We are committed to accompanying customers throughout the system’s operation and operation.

More information about the B&T Quang Binh wind farm project:

This is a project with a large investment source, with a total investment capital of nearly 8,000 billion VND. The investor is B&T Wind Power Joint Stock Company. Deployment address: Quang Ninh district and Le Thuy district of Quang Binh province.

According to calculations, this is the wind power farm on land with the largest capacity scale in Vietnam today. Once officially put into operation, the project will add a large, safe and environmentally friendly power source, contributing to ensuring national energy security. At the same time, with 48 km of internal roads connecting the turbines, the inter-commune-district public transport infrastructure will be improved and contribute to promoting socio-economic development of the two districts in the province./.