Wastewater treatment station at Da Nang International Airport

  • Location: Da Nang
  • Investor: Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Exploitation Joint Stock Company
  • Classification: Wastewater treatment
  • Capacity: 360m3/day.night
  • Implementation period: 2016 – 2017

Project details

Da Nang International Airport, a branch of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV). This is the departure – arrival point of more than 260 domestic and international flights with more than 40,000 passengers passing through each day.

Airport wastewater originates mainly from domestic wastewater of passengers, relatives and airport staff. This amount of water accounts for the largest volume of the total daily generated wastewater volume of the airport.

With a capacity of 360m3/day and night, the wastewater treatment station of the International Terminal – Da Nang International Airport has been carefully built by VESA from consulting, system design to construction and installation. We are proud to contribute to building the busiest international airport in Vietnam.